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Peter Strachan (60-years old) is the founder and owner of Home Gas Safety.   Peter is a fully qualified Gas Service Technician who is licensed with the Victorian Building Authority and compliant with Energy Safe Victoria's guidelines on safety testing gas appliances. 
His business is built on the fact that he personally services his customers.  When you contact
Home Gas Safety you know that the person in the picture is the person who will be attending to your service or repair of your appliance.

Peter is an "Old School" tradesman who believes in providing good quality work and being very punctual with all of his appointments.  He has always be a "one man band" as he likes to be in total control of every aspect of his business including the clerical side.   When Peter attends your job your Gas Log Fire or Gas Heating Appliance will be fully cleaned, serviced & tested  and most of all be safe for you and your family. You will be issued with a Gas Safety Report and will be provided with a Calibration Certificate, giving you the confidence that the Carbon Monoxide Testing Equipment used delivered accurate readings.  Peter will maintain a history of all work conducted on your premises and will contact you through his data base when your appliance is due for its next service.

Peter's hobby is being fit at an elite level through his daily regime of boxing and weightlifting training.   He is a former competitive amateur boxer (1979 -1987) and is currently a licensed boxing trainer with the Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board (Victoria) and Boxing Australia as an accredited Coach.   Peter trains his daughter Jelena who is 22 years old.  Jelena has won the 2018 Women's Elite National 64kg Boxing Title and in April 2021 she won the 2021 Women's Elite National 69kg Club Title.   Peter intends to stay active as a gas serviceman for the next twenty years and so keeping very fit & healthy will help him to achieve this goal.

Peter specialises in:
Gas Log Fire service & repair
    • Gas Heater service & repair

Peter looks forward to helping you keep your family safe!

Service Area Map

The map below highlights the areas I service, please check that you are in the serviceable area?

Home Gas Safety service areas map

Gas HEATER Safety

The Silent Killer - that is the scary nickname of Carbon Monoxide, often just called CO.
Home Owner are you doing everything you can to ensure your family is SAFE?
You have a duty of care for yourself and your loved ones to have your gas heating appliances tested for gas safety and serviced regularly.

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Over the past 25 years, Peter has specialised in the testing, service and repair of gas log fires throughout Melbourne.  Gas log fires are beautiful to look at but can produce fatal levels of Carbon Monoxide if poorly maintained or installed incorrectly.   Ensure your family's safety by having Peter Strachan service and test your gas log fire.

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