About Peter Strachan

Peter Strachan is the founder and owner of Home Gas Safety, his business is built on the fact that he personally services his customers. When you contact Home Gas Safety you know that the person in the picture is the person who will be attending to your service or repair your appliance.

Peter specialises in:

  • Gas Heater Service
  • Gas Log Fire Service
  • Space Heater Service
  • Wall Furnace Service
  • Ducted Heater Service
  • Hot Water System Service
  • Gas Heating Service

Peter is a fully qualified Gas Service Technician who is licensed with the Victorian Building Authority and compliant with Energy Safe Victoria's guidelines on safety testing gas appliances.

Your Gas Heating Appliance will be cleaned, fully serviced and most of all be safe for you and your family. You will be issued with a Gas Safety Report and will be provided with a Calibration Certificate, giving you the confidence that the Carbon Monoxide Testing Equipment used delivered accurate readings.

Peter will maintain a history of all work conducted on your premises and will contact you to ensure you know when your appliance needs a service so it is safe for the future.

You will also receive important Gas Safety information throughout the year keeping you abreast of news as well as your legal obligations.

Peter looks forward to helping you keep your family safe!


  • I would like to thank you for the punctuality,efficiency and total expertize with which you serviced my Heatseeker gas log fire to-day. I am not normally moved to write thank-you letters, but you deserve it...

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    Detmer DroegeCustomer

  • I wanted to thank you for our service on our gas log fire today.I have had a few tradesman in our home over the years and your visit stood out from the rest. You went the extra mile...

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    Jan JacksonCustomer


Home Gas Safety also provides the following services:

  • Gas Heater Repair
  • Gas Log Fire Repair
  • Space Heater Repair
  • Wall Furnace Repair
  • Ducted Heater Repair
  • Hot Water System Repair
  • Gas Heating Repair

Contact us

Please contact our office on: 

0414 335 463 or (03) 9852 3109 or via email us using our form. Click here

Carbon Monoxide

Do you know that you cannot smell or see Carbon Monoxide (CO)? Yet at high levels it can kill a person in minutes! Gas heaters are a common cause of risk when they are not properly maintained.