Vendors, can you prove your property is gas safe?

Your Real Estate agent knows that all your gas appliances can add to the desirability of your home if they are new or look as new.

So, if you are selling your house, it is in your interest that your gas appliances are serviced and that you can PROVE that they are in top condition and totally gas safe.

No one wants to buy an unsafe house nor problems that will have to be fixed soon after making a significant investment. Buyers increasingly look for the hidden problems. Wouldn't you?

Carbon Monoxide being "the silent killer", gas safety is largely invisible.

You can prove it with a comprehensive gas safety folder on the property, including the service history of the appliances, up to date gas safety reports and a complete set of manuals.

What if one of your gas appliances was unsafe and the new owner or one of his children was the next victim of CO poisoning? Can you take that risk?


Their gas safety comes first

What happens if one of your appliances is found to be dangerous?

If any of your appliances is found to cause CO emissions or if it shows signs of poor performance, we will recommend a full service, plus repairs or replacement as applicable.

We can't leave you at risk and non-compliant and you can't take the risk! So, if you don't want the appliance serviced or repaired at the time, for whatever reason, we will ensure your safety by disconnecting dangerous appliances until the problem can be fixed.

It may be inconvenient , it is also your guarantee that we are serious about gas safety.

NB: For your safety, we must report the risk to Energy Safe Victoria when property owners or managers refuse to address the problem.

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Carbon Monoxide

Do you know that you cannot smell or see Carbon Monoxide (CO)? Yet at high levels it can kill a person in minutes! Gas heaters are a common cause of risk when they are not properly maintained.