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Gas Safety Testing makes common sense!

Do you know that you cannot smell or see Carbon Monoxide (CO)?
Yet at high levels it can kill a person in minutes! Gas heaters are a common cause of risk when they are not properly maintained.

CO steps

Is your gas heater regularly serviced?
You care for your family?

Make your home gas safe!
Energy Safe Victoria, the gas safety regulator, advises that small children, unborn babies, people with heart issues and the elderly are particularly susceptible to CO poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide has claimed many lives and  ESV has recorded countless near misses where people have been nearly died from CO poisoning.

Regular testing and service is strongly recommended:

Energy Safe Victoria recommends that gas appliances are tested and inspected at least every 2 years. According to ESV, a gas appliance that has been correctly installed and regularly maintained will not present a hazard.

If however an appliance is not working properly or is used incorrectly, dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide can result.

For detailed facts about Carbon Monoxide, check the website of Energy Safe Victoria www.esv.vic.gov.au

Home Gas Safety reliable solutions


Reliable gas safety tests

  • High precision Carbon Monoxide testing equipment used
  • Calibration Certificate issued for testing equipment giving assurance of accurate readings
  • Energy Safe Victoria testing procedures adhered to
We test for:
  • Carbon Monoxide CO emissions, gas leaks & safe operation
  • Operational efficiency, risk of future problems
  • Correct installation* and compliance
*in accordance with: Australian Standard Gas Installations AS5601-2004, the Gas Safety Act 2008

Gas appliance safety testing

  • Space Heater Testing
  • Wall Furnace Testing
  • Gas Log Fire Testing
  • Ducted Heater Testing
  • Hot Water Unit Testing (Storage/Instantaneous)
  • Upright Stove/Cooktop Testing
  • Barbeque Testing (Natural Gas/LPG)
  • Gas Line Testing
NB: a typical home has 1 heater, 1 stove, 1 hot water service and 1 gas line.

Home Gas Safety Benefits

  • Quality work by Peter Strachan who is a fully accredited gas service technician
  • Free registration into the Home Gas Safety Service Plan
  • Gas Safety Report and service records kept by Home Gas Safety
  • Confidence in the gas safety of your home or property

Quick risk checklist

Are you putting yourself, your family, your friends at risk?

In the last 2 years, have you...
 Had all gas appliances professionally serviced and safety tested
 Checked that ventilation complies with the regulations
Used ONLY a licensed/registered gas service technician
Done a visual check* of ALL the gas appliances on the property
Checked that all burners are clean
 Checked that the flue and cowl are not obstructed/damaged
 Given tenants a copy of all the appliance manuals

Did you answer no to ANY of the above questions? You are AT RISK!

When you do a visual check, do you see...
Soot or discoloration around the gas appliance?
A yellow flame (not set as a special feature)?
Debris fallen down the flue pipe?
No cowl/damage to the cowl on top of the flue pipe?

Did you say YES here? You, your family & friends are AT RISK!

If in doubt, or clearly at risk, GET SAFE NOW! We recommend that you call Home Gas Safety urgently

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Carbon Monoxide

Do you know that you cannot smell or see Carbon Monoxide (CO)? Yet at high levels it can kill a person in minutes! Gas heaters are a common cause of risk when they are not properly maintained.